Phantom Stereo Audio Interconnect –  

Black Rhodium’s First DCT++ Interconnect
(Advanced DCT Processes to further enhance the quality and clarity of sound)

Strikingly beautiful yet affordable, both visually and acoustically!

Precio Público £ 290.

New Phantom brings our illusion cables to the next level.  By applying our successful, award winning Illusion DCT technology to this cable, and adding double screening, as well as our advanced DCT++ and crystal sound processes, sound quality and clarity is improved, as well as offering superior RFI rejection, as well as being more pleasing to the eye.

As with our Illusion DCT, whilst it deals admirably with low frequencies, the treble is also clear and crisp.  The double screening of the cable not only offers superior RFI rejection, which with the rapid rise of WiFi broadband connections being commonplace in the home, ensures that the Phantom is more than ideal to deal with the modern day issues which ease of lifestyle in some respects, but offer hindrance to the audiophile’s enjoyment of musical realism.

Finally, we have developed the phantom with the end users wallet in mind.  Through advanced production techniques, both during and after manufacture of the various components, we feel that we have designed a cable which would not look out of place with a price tag of double the recommended retail price.  We believe that this cable is affordable to those who are serious about their music, and allows for the achievement of enhanced musical realism, which offers outstanding value to the consumer, during the difficult times faced in this ultra competitive industry.

New Ideas for the future....

Phantom is one of a new range of high end DCT++ interconnect cables Black Rhodium will be launching in 2010/11.  Our designers and production team alike have tried and tested a range of high quality conductor materials which we will use for the first time in our most advanced DCT++ state.

Phantom DCT++ Technical Specification:

·          Tightly twisted, silver plated copper solid core cable, for clearer sound over high frequencies, and enhanced clarity.

·          Low loss PTFE insulation for tighter control of the sound of bass instruments and superior rhythmic qualities.

·          Double silver plated copper screen for superior RFI rejection.

·          Aesthetically pleasing braided jet black finish, ensuring it looks as good as it sounds.

·          DCT++ Treatment, an advancement on standard DCT to further enhance sound, adding further improvements to the depth, clarity and timing of music which deep cryogenic treatment brings.

·          Terminated with Eichmann bullet plugs, which due to 24k gold plating, and single point return contact, take cleanliness and clarity of sound to the next level.

·          Directional heatshrinks to ensure that direction of cable is easily visible, thus noise is reduced due to Phantom’s directional quality control.


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